The Brightbill Postcard Collection at the Library Company of Philadelphia
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This section serves as an introduction to the collection. As such, it is both a sampling of what is to come and a repository for cards that do not fit anywhere else.


  • Greetings from Philadelphia [man and woman looking at moon through telescope], PAPCC [USB]
  • ...[drawing of Women's Homeopathic Hospital inset on moon]
  • ...[drawing of Independence Hall inset on moon]
  • ...[drawing of Girard Ave Bridge inset on moon]


  • Greetings from Philadelphia [man and woman kissing surrounded by drawings, at top of card are "statuary dying lioness Zoological Gardens; sunken gardens. Horticultural Hall-Fairmount Park], PAPCC [USB]


  • Greetings from Philadelphia [text and 3 photos {Willow Grove Park} surrounded by flowers, battleship at bottom], X-01
  • ... [text and 3 photos {Fairmount Park} surrounded by flowers],
  • ... [text and 3 photos {Fairmount Park} with flowers and rising sun, ferry boat at bottom],
  • ... [text and 3 photos {Franklin statue; R.C. Cathedral St. Peters & St. Paul; catholic cathedral} surrounded by flowers],


  • ... [text and 4 photos {Fairmount Park} surrounded by flowers, lighthouse at bottom],
  • ... [text and 4 photos {Girard College; U.S. Battleship Rhode Island; entrance to dormitory, University of Pennsylvania; University of Pennsylvania} surrounded by flowers, lighthouse at top],
  • ... [text and 4 photos {lily pond, Fairmount Park; Torresdale Ave. and Elkins Memorial; River Drive and tunnel; Girard Ave Bridge} surrounded by flowers, small moon at top],
  • ... [text and 3 photos {Valley Forge, Geo WashingtonHeadquarters; Valley Green; William Penn's House} surrounded by flowers, star close to center],


  • ... [text and 3 photos {Memorial Hall; Fairmount waterworks; sunken gardens and Horticultural Hall} surrounded by flowers],
  • ... [text and 3 photos {Betsy Ross house; Independence Hall and Square; Liberty Bell} surrounded by flowers, steamboat at top center]
  • ... [text and 3 photos {Broad Street Station; Reading Terminal; Post Office} surrounded by flowers, ferry boat at right bottom]
  • ... [text and 3 photos {Smith Memorial, Fairmount Park; a bit of Chaumonix lake; Fairmount Dam and boat house}surrounded by flowers]


  • ... [text and 3 photos {Bellevue Stratford; The S bridge at Manayunk; Land Title building} sail boats at top center]
  • ... [text and 3 photos {Franklin statue; Catholic Cathedral; R.C. Cathedral St. Peters & St. Paul}surrounded by flowers]
  • ... [text and 3 photos {Entrance to Strawberry Mansion; Feeding the Dromedary, Zoological Gardens; A shady walk showing fish pond...} surrounded by flowers, sailor with flag in center bottom] Souvenir of Philadelphia, EAG [USB]


  • ... [2 colored sketches {The Wissahickon, Fairmount Park; Indian Rock Hotel, Wissahickon}], <No. 1>
  • ... [3 colored sketches {City hall; YMCA Building; Drexel Building}], <No. 2>
  • ... [2 colored sketches {Victoria Regia Lily, Fairmount Park; Flower beds, Horticultural Hall}], <No. 3>


  • ... [1 colored sketch {Washington Monument, Fairmount Park}], <No. 4>
  • ... [2 colored sketches {City Hall from South Broad Street; Penn. Railroad Depot}], <No. 6>


  • ...[2 colored sketches {Chestnut Street above 3rd; Arch Street West of 13th}, <No. 7>
  • ... [3 colored sketches {Broad St. North of City hall; Post Office; Broad St. north from Oxford St.}], <No. 9>


  • ... [3 colored sketches {Provident Building; Mercantile Club; Oddfellows Temple}], <No. 10> [USB] Souvenir of Philadelphia, Compliments of Philadelphia Press, Sunday, January 16, 1898, GSHS [USB]
  • ... [2 colored sketches{Reading Terminal; Chestnut St. Above 9th}


  • ... [2 colored sketches {Betz Building; Drexel Institute}]
  • ...[2 colored sketches {Post Office; Ridgway Library}]
  • ...[2 colored sketches {Holy Trinity; Christ Church}]


  • ... [2 colored sketches {Philadelphia & Reading Terminal; Broad St. Station P.R.R.}]
  • ... [3 colored sketches {Independence Hall; Carpenter's Hall; Liberty Bell}]
  • ... [3 colored sketches {City Hall; U.S. Mint; Penn Statue}] ASCC [USB]


  • No. 1 - [2 colored sketches {Washington Monument; Independence Hall}]
  • No. 2 - [2 colored sketches {City Hall; Tunnel Fairmount Park]
  • No. 3 - [2 colored sketches {Broad Street Station; Boat Houses Fairmount}]
  • No. 4 - [2 colored sketches {Bourse; East River Drive}]
  • No. 5 - [2 colored sketches {Reading Terminal; Entrance to Wissahickon Drive}]
  • No. 6 - [3 colored sketches {Drexel Institute; Columbus Statue; Wissahickon Creek}]
  • No. 7 - [3 colored statues {Masonic Temple; Fountain Dauphin St. entrance; Wissahickon Creek}]
  • No. 8 - [3 colored sketches {Post Office; Genl Meade's statue; Sunken gardens, Fairmount}]
  • No. 9 - [3 colored sketches {Horticultural Hall; Catholic Fountain; Valley Green Bridge}]
  • No. 10 - [3 colored sketches {U.S. Mint; Joan of Arc statue; Waterworks Fairmount Park}]
  • No. 11 - [3 colored sketches {Girard College; Lincoln Monument; Schuylkill River Fairmount Park}]
  • No. 12 - [2 colored sketches {Memorial Hall; Entrance to Zoological Garden}]


  • Greetings from Philadelphia [4 colored sketches {Liberty Bell; Independence Hall; New U.S. Mint; William Penn's Mansion, Fairmount Park} in four-leaf clover], SPCC <13119>
  • Best Wishes for 1908 from Philadelphia [4 colored sketches {Independence Hall; Liberty Bell; Betsy Ross House; Market St looking West from 11th Street...}], Design only copyrighted by A.Q. Southwick, 1907, SPCC <2391>, [FB]


  • Greetings from the City of Philadelphia [letters of Philadelphia contain colored sketches of city], Design only copyrighted by A.Q. Southwick, 1907, SPCC <2390>
  • Greetings from Philadelphia [letters of greetings contain sketches of women, X-2, E.L. Serie 1016 [USB]
  • Souvenir from Philadelphia [letters of souvenir contain sketches of women], X-2, E. L. Serie 1016 [USB]
  • [11 colored sketches of city sites], MNC 8780 [BB] Greetings from Philadelphia, ECKC [USB]


  • ... [sketch, Strawberry Hill Bridge], <209>
  • ... [sketch, Old Penn Mansion] <210>


  • [sketch, City Hall], RTS Heraldic Postcard <5023> [USB] Greetings from Philadelphia [glitter on flowered card]


  • ... [pink & blue flowers], X-3 2834
  • ... [daisies], X-3 2834
  • ... [violets], X-4 [EMB]
  • ... [yellow flowers with butterfly] Th. E. L. Serie Flora 11


  • Greetings from Philadelphia [purple flower containing sketches of City Hall, Sunken Gardens, Washington Monument, Statuary Dying Lioness, Academy of the Fine Arts], PAPCC [USB]
  • ... Greetings from Phila [pink card with fan of feathers]


  • Greetings from Philadelphia [colored flowers with glitter], SPCC Flora 6
  • Greetings from Philadelphia [bunch of white flowers with Ribbon and glitter], E.L. Serie Flora 11 01B01
  • Philadelphia at night [large letters], [IPCC] <2033> <301> [USB]


  • ..., IPCC [glitter] [USB] Greetings from Philadelphia ["Greetings" letters contain sketches of women, "Philadelphia" letters contain sketches of city sites, [FB]
  • ... ["Greetings" and "Philadelphia" contain city site sketches], IPCC [BB]


  • Philadelphia [top views include Valley Green; Betsey Ross House; Independence Hall; University of PA College Hall; Liberty Bell]
  • ... [same views]
  • Philadelphia [12 photos, top includes {Liberty Bell; Betsey Ross House, Independence Hall}], [IPCC] [USB]
  • ... [12 photos, top includes {Valley Green, Betsey Ross House; University of Pa "College Hall}], [IPCC] [USB]


  • Greetings from Philadelphia PA [top views include Boys High School; Washington Monument; University of PA Dormitories - 3 views on back {Post Office, Liberty Bell; United States Mint}
  • Views of Philadelphia [top views include City hall, etc], [USB]
  • Betsy Ross House, Carpenters Hall, RC [FB] [USB]
  • Custom House, U.S. Mint, RC [FB] [USB]


  • Greetings from Philadelphia [letters of "Philadelphia" include sketches of city sites, RC <B1909>


  • Greetings from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania [Gold Background with Green Letters], [EMB]

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