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Betsy Ross House- No Flags


  • Betsy Ross House, JMJ <1002>
  • [same], ACBC <1444> [BB] [USB]
  • The Betsy Ross House [two flags inset], RSC, Copyright 1906 [A.S. Valentine & Son, Betsy Ross cigar ad on back] [UB] [TOF]
  • [same], No. 955 Educational Series [TOF] [USB]


  • The Birthplace of our Flag "Standing for the old Flag, standing firm for God" the Betsey Ross House, IAPC Copyright Chapman [EMB]
  • Betsy Ross House, TAC/SPA <89>


  • Betsy Ross House, [RB] [USB]
  • ... Philadelphia. Where the first American Flag was made, [N.Z. Graves Co. ad on back] [BB]
  • The Betsy Ross House [two flags inset], RSC/PCPA Copyright 1906 [TOF]


  • The World's most noted Dwelling purchase (clear) Dec. 14th, 1905... [photo inside seal, flag on left], HACP Copyright 1906
  • [same] Copyright 1906 [USB]

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