Library Company of Philadelphia

George Mark Wilson Photograph Collection

[Russian Jewish children standing in front of a building at 412 South 21st Street, Philadelphia]

Photographer’s manuscript note on verso: “21” St. bet. Pine and Lombard Sts. W.S. [west side] Russian Jewish children. Note: little boy leaning against door jamb. A really beautiful child and a verry [sic] friendly youngester [sic]. His name is Louis. John has an appel [sic] and wants to laugh. The tall girl is passive while her little sister does not want to be ‘tooken.’ The style of brick window seen here is fast disappearing. Its quaint panes of glass and the peculiar shutters in which it was literally wraped [sic] after closing hours is but seldom found anymore. These shutters (on either side of window) are in 8 sections -- 4 on each side and each 4 are fastened together by hinges. When the store is open, as in the case of this picture, the shutters are folded back and swung into a recess in the brick work of the wall.”


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