The Brightbill Postcard Collection at the Library Company of Philadelphia
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Business and Industry- Gimbels


  • Gimbel Brothers' Department Store, SPCC
  • ...Gimbel Bros., Market Street, 8th to 9th Streets, CTC A-17143
  • ...Gimbel Brothers, World's Largest Department Store [BB]


  • Simplex Typewriters...[Santa Claus with Typewriter], Santa Claus Souvenir Post Card [BB]


  • Gimbel Store, APC [RB/BB] [USB]
  • ...Piano Rooms of Gimbel Brothers' 24-acre Store,[EB]
  • ...An Aisle in Philadelphia's Largest Store, [UB]
  • ...A Millinery Salon - Gimbel Brothers, [RB/BB]


  • The Restaurant - Gimbel Brothers, [EB]
  • ...Gimbel Brothers Store, WPCC [RB] [USB]


  • ...Colleen Moore's Doll House - Exhibited at Gimbel Brothers [May 7, 1935]. <The Great Hall>
  • ...<One of the Bed-Chambers in>
  • ...<Exterior of>
  • ...<The Great Organ in the Chapel of>

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