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Business and Industry- Miscellaneous


  • Compliments of O.H. Albrecht, ?? Chestnut St. Thorough Instruction on Mandolin, Banjo and Guitar,<Ser. 534>
  • Flexible Flyer the Sled that steers S.L. Allen & Co.,
  • Mr. Tom Johnson representing John T. Bailey Co. will call on You about[USB]


  • Baldwin Locomotive Works, SPCC <2298>
  • [same] <A1603> [TOB]
  • Baldwin Locomotive Works, No. 714


  • Security Tread, Batavia Company of Philadelphia Distributor, [USB]


  • Betsy Ross House, 239 Arch St., [ad for Bisler's Boxes on front]
  • Boyertown Burial Casket Co. Funeral Supplies 1211-=17 Arch Street, CTC <109500>


  • Evening Bulletin, No. 728
  • Bulletin Building, Filbert & Juniper Streets, UNC
  • The New Building of the Evening Bulletin <"In Philadelphia Nearly Everybody Reads the Bulletin">, [EB]


  • Corner of First Floor Showroom - Philadelphia's Lighting Fixture and Lamp Headquarters <Champion Incadescent Light Company>, PAPC 120377
  • Columbia Avenue Trust Co. [Nov. 1909 Calendar on Front], [TOF] [USB]


  • Colburn's Philadelphia Mustard,
  • The DeLong Hook and Eye Company. See that Hump?[factory surrounded by eight sites], WWNY [USB]


  • Flower Seed Trial Grounds at Dreer's Nursery, showing Artist at Work, CC <2513>
  • Iris Garden at Dreer's Nursery, CC <2514>
  • Hybridizing Petunias at Dreer's Nursery, CC <2515>
  • The Rockery at Dreer's Nursery, CC <2518>


  • Water Lily Pond at Dreer's nursery, CC <2517>


  • The Electric Storage Battery Co., [TOF/TOB]
  • The First Dinner [ad for Fluehr's Furniture and Rugs on back], OSLN
  • A Suggestion from the Store of the "Sign of Quality" [Ad for Fluehr's on Back], CC <2684>


  • Offices, Paint Factory and Warehouse of Samuel H. French & Co., ACME <(12)> [RB] [TOB] [USB]


  • Girard Avenue Title and Trust Co. Girard Avenue and 18th Street, ENP [TOB]
  • Christmas Greeting, Henderson & Co.,


  • Sasso Olive Oil...for Sale only at Laubach's Pharmacy, [USB]
  • <Henry Linde>, [TOB]
  • McDowell Paper Mills - Actual paper Makers since 1825 [ad on back], [EB]
  • The Lit Brother's Store [WDAR Broadcasting Schedule on Back], [EB] [TOB]


  • Michell's Seed House largest Importers of Bulbs, [TOB]
  • Wm. F. Murphy's Sons Co. [TOB] [EMB]


  • Display Room of Modernistic Sanitary Plumbing Fixtures, Finest Show Room in the East, Louis B. Orlowitz Company, 632-34 Arch St., [EB] [TOB]
  • The Philadelphia Inquirer Building, WLB/TQV 124302 [EB]
  • Philadelphia Warehousing & Cold Storage Co. Delaware Ave. Noble. Beach and Front Streets, TAC [BB] [TOF/TOB]


  • Port Richmond Elevator, TAC <4> [BB]
  • Powelton Storage, AAS <103107> [UB] [TOB]


  • Stock Yards, <202>
  • Philadelphia Stock Yard, <117>


  • Springfield Water Supply Co. of Phila. [Text on Wagon].Established 1897. One of Our Many Wagons. Do We serve You?, SPRING <2524>
  • Springfield Water Supply Co. of Phila. [Text on Wagon]. Established 1897. Do We serve You?, [EB]


  • Wanamaker & Brown. Oak Hall, [TOF]
  • Wm. and Geo. Zindel. Tailors for Men and Women 201-03 South 13th Street,


  • Brown Auto Top Company [2 Images 1906 and 1907], [EB]
  • York Avenue Frontage of the Burpee Building...,[USB]
  • Dobson's Mills - Falls of the Schuylkill, <662> [BB]


  • Seamess Steel Tubing, Field & Company, Inc. [July 1911 Calendar on Front], [RP] [TOB]
  • Field and Medary, Architects [Sketch of Church],[RP]


  • First Italian Exchange-C.C.A. Baldi & Bros., Private Office, PAPC [sepia]
  • First Italian Exchange-C.C.A. Baldi & Bros., Accounting Office, PAPC [sepia]


  • Charles Henry Fox The Sign of the Rose [woman with flowers and rolled diploma-Ad on Back], [RP] [TOB]
  • Charles Henry Fox The Sign of the Rose [Woman with Box and Pile of Lace?- Ad on Back], [RP] {TOB]
  • A typical Scene in Hawaii: The Hula-Hula Dance[ad for Graves Co.],


  • Howell & Bursk Wholesale Grocers, [TOB]
  • [Ivins Dietz & Metzger Co. building with pennants], [RP]
  • Jefferson Ice Mfg Company, N.W. Corner American and Cumberland Streets [Business Card], [TOB]


  • Philadelphia's Old Gun Store [Krider's],[BB] [USB]
  • Keystone Coal & Wood Co.,[TOF/TOB]


  • Lit Brothers Philadelphias Most Popular Department Store, [RB/BB] [USB]
  • L.B. Luthlens Dye House, S.C. Hencks Mandrake Pills, [BB] [RP] [USB]


  • Shipping Department Wm Henry Maule, Inc. Seedsmen 21st & Arch Sts, [TOB/EB]
  • Office at Briar Crest Trial Grounds the Maule Seed Book Free to all Address Philadelphia, [TOB]
  • Office of McCormick Steamship Company, [RP]


  • Our Drummer is not of this Kind... Monroe Bros. & Co., [UB] [USB] [EMB]


  • The North American [subscription card], [USB]
  • Norton Chevrolet, Inc., APCC [TOB]
  • Pennsylvania's finest Norton Chevrolet, Inc., Zurnoil, APCC [TOB]


  • World's Largest Food Store... Penn Fruit Company, [RP]


  • The Pennsylvania Refining Co. Weekly Quotation Card, [TOF] [USB], Old Man Penreco scores a Knockout
  • ... Old Man Penreco says the Line is right


  • Ruins of Pennypack Print Works, Holmesburg, [UB]
  • Broad and Ruscomb Streets Logan Branch of the Philadelphia Saving Fund Society, PSFS Copyright 1931 [UB]


  • The above Half Tone illustrates... Quaker City Windmill& Pump Co., [UB]


  • Sugar Refineries-Point Breeze, <642> [BB]
  • Supplee Hardware Company, [TOF] [USB]


  • The new Union National Bank Building, EMP [BB/RB] Gutekunst Photo [TOF]
  • The Vir Publishing Company [Cover of the Purity Advocate Magazine on Front], [UB] [TOB/TOF]


  • Wallace Turnbull Co. [ship "West Katan" at dock], [RP] [TOB]
  • A Corner of the Gift Department of Chas. W. Young & Co., Makers of the Famous Pearl Borax Soap...,[TOF] [UF] [USB]


  • Hog Island, [EB], Bird's Eye View of Barracks for 30,000 Men at Hog Island Ship Yard <2745>
  • ...Launching of Quistconck, First Ship built at Hog Island Yard <2749>


  • ...Countersinking Rivet Holes, Training School <3171>
  • ...Spectators on Main Wharf witnessing Launching
  • ...Night Illumination of Shipways <3183>

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