The Brightbill Postcard Collection at the Library Company of Philadelphia
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Business and Industry-Wannamakers


  • The Wanamaker Store, PCDC/CTC 4 R-24797 [TOB]
  • [same], PCDC/CTC R-24797 [TOB]
  • John Wanamaker Building, PCDC <2345> 2345 [TOB]
  • John Wanamaker's New Store, from City Hall Place, [TOB]


  • Centre Section West Aisle looking from Waiting Room. TheWanamaker Store, TAC/WMC [TOB]
  • French Perfumery Shop. The Wanamaker Store, TAC/WMC [TOB]
  • Chestnut Street Section Main Floor. The Wanamaker Store, TAC/WMC [TOB]
  • The Chestnut Street Front..RB] [USB]



  • Egyptian Hall, the Wanamaker Store, WMC/TAC [TOB]
  • The First Building of the Wanamaker "New Kind of a Store," [BB] [USB]


  • The First Section of the Twelve-story New Wanamaker Building..., [BB] [USB]
  • John Wanamaker Building, DPC <70545> [EB]
  • The Wanamaker Store, <3368> [TOB]
  • The Wanamaker's Store, PS <3368> [TOB]


  • The Wanamaker Building, SQ No. 13 [EB] [TOB]
  • The Wanamaker Store, 10133O [EB] [TOB]
  • [same], SHC/CTC 19 [EB] [TOB]
  • The Proposed New Wanamaker Store in Philadelphia, as it will appear when completed. From the Architect's Sketch, [RB/BB] [USB]


  • The New Wanamaker Store Philadelphia, The Hospitalities of the Largest House in the City for Patriotic Order Sons of America...[portrait of Washington on back] [USB]
  • New Building --- The John Wanamaker Store, Philadelphia... [UB] [USB]
  • The Original New Kind of Store, [UB] [USB]
  • John Wanamaker, RMM [UB]


  • The Eagle, The Grand Court, John Wanamaker,1023-50M-3-51 [BB] [TOB]
  • <The Grand Court John Wanamaker> [sketch], [EB]
  • Post Card John Wanamaker [Napoleon & Pope Pius VII], [TOB]
  • *[Wanamaker Delivery Wagon with Horse, Man, and Boy], [RP]


  • Wanamaker Store, APCC <279> [BB]
  • At Wanamaker's, To-day, We saw the Herring-Curtiss Flying Machine..[UB]
  • The Wanamaker Store, GPS [UB] [RP]
  • Have you Seen the Quaint Old Bells in the Swiss Village.. [UB] [USB]

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