The Brightbill Postcard Collection at the Library Company of Philadelphia
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Churches- Baptist Temple


  • Baptist Temple Church and Temple College, No. 652
  • [same], OSB No. 106
  • Baptist Temple Broad and Berks Sts., SPCC <23610>
  • Baptist Temple, Broad and Berks Streets,<23610> 23610 [TOB]


  • [same]<23610>
  • [same], SPCC <23610>
  • Baptist Temple & College - Braod & Berks[inset portrait of Rev. Russell H. Conwell], WPCC
  • Baptist Temple, PAPCC <No. 15> [BB/LB] [USB]


  • Philadelphia Baptist Temple, PAPCC No. 408 [RB] [USB]
  • Baptist Temple, Broad and Berks Streets, DPCC [RB] [USB]
  • Baptist Temple, PPCC <1014> [RB]
  • The Baptist Temple and College, No. 52 [USB]


  • Baptist Temple, Broad and Berks Streets, PS <235> <23610> [EB]


  • The Baptist Temple, JMJ [UB] [USB]
  • [same][interior], CCA
  • The Baptist Temple and Temple College, Broad & BerkStreets, [RB] [USB] Baptist Temple, Broad and Berks Sts., [RB]


  • The Baptist Temple Broad & Berks Streets,[RB/BB] [USB]

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