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Churches- Miscellaneous


  • Bethany Church (John Wanamaker) [John Wanamaker portrait inset], SPCC <2376> [RB] [USB]
  • Bethany Church (John Wanamaker) [John Wanamaker portrait inset], WPCC
  • Chambers-Wylie Presby. Church, Broad and Spruce Sts., DPCC [BB] [USB]
  • Church of the Nativity, Allegheny Ave. & Belgrade St.,WPCC [RB]


  • Ev. Luth. Tabor Church, Roosevelt Boulevard & Mascher St., [EB]
  • Friends Meeting House, DPC <11635> Copyright 1908 [EB]
  • Friends Meeting House, DPC <11654> [EB]


  • Holy Trinity Church, Nineteenth and Walnut Streets,<2250>
  • Holy Trinity Church, Nineteenth and Walnut Streets, <2250> 2250 [TOB]
  • Holy Trinity Church, Nineteenth and Walnut Streets, PPCC <1035> [BB]
  • Holy Trinity P.E. Church, 19th and Walnut Sts., DPCC [BB] [USB]


  • Church of the Holy Trinity, New Year's greetings, 1929..., [EB] [TOB]


  • Church of Our Lady of Mercy (R.C.) Broad & Susq'na Av., DPCC [BB] [USB]
  • Old Pine Street, Presbyterian Church, PS <6484> [EB] [TOB]


  • St. Charles Borromeo R.C. Church 20th and Christian Sts, HCLC 25440
  • Font St. Clements Episcopal Church, HCLC No. 5495 No. 20069


  • New St. Gregory's R.C. Church, 52nd and Lancaster Ave., DPCC [BB] [USB]
  • St. Gregory's Church, PPCC 1020 [BB]


  • [St. James the Less], NEW 235042 No. E2330
  • St. James the Less, Falls of Schuylkill, PCDC/CTC R-34384


  • St John's R.C. Church, Thirteenth St. above Chestnut St., <107> No. 107 [TOB]
  • Church of "Saint John Chrysostom", PPCC <1015> [RB]


  • St. Pauls Presbyterian Church 50th Street and Baltimore Ave., HCLC 25439
  • Church of St. Thomas, 17th & Morris Sts, PPCC <1018>
  • St. Timothy's Episcopal Church, Roxboro near Wissahickon, HCLC 25442
  • Old Trinity P.E. Church, Oxford Pike, PPCC <1031> [BB]


  • The New Home of A.M.E. Union Church, [TOB][UB] [USB]
  • Bethany Church (John Wanamaker)[John Wanamaker portrait inset], <360> [RB] [USB]
  • Interior, Church of the Nativity, Eleventh and Mt. vernon Sts, [UB] [USB]


  • Diamond Street Baptist Church Rev. Chas Warwick Pastor, [UB] [USB]
  • East Baptist Church, Girard & E. Columbia Avenues, Rev. C.H. Woolston [Portrait inset][Moving Picture Sermon Ad on Back],


  • Souvenir of Erie Avenue M.E. Church Jubilee Occasion February 1907 [portrait of Rev. J.C. Petre on back], [UB] [USB]
  • [Falls M.E. Church],
  • Fifth Baptist Church Eighteenth and Spring Garden Streets [inset portrait][Sunday, September 13, 1908...],


  • First Baptist Church (17th & Sansom Sts), WPCC [BB] [USB]
  • First Church of Christ "Scientist,"[EB] [USB]
  • Friends' Arch Street Centre, 304 Arch St, [EB]
  • Friends' Meeting House Fourth and Arch Streets,


  • Friends at Meeting House, WPCC [UB] [USB]
  • <Friends Meeting house, 4th & Arch Sts>[sketch], [TOB]
  • Friends Meeting House (42nd & Powelton Ave.), WPCC [BB] [USB]


  • [Grace?] Church [Ridge?] & Rox Ave, <837> [RP] [BB] [USB]
  • Heidelberg Reformed Church Nineteenth and Oxford Streets Rev. R.C. Zartman D.D., WPCC [BB]
  • Holy Trinity Church, Protestant Episcopal, CNC <No. 062> [BB] [USB]


  • Jewish Synagogue, CNC <No. 061> [BB] [USB]
  • Methodist Church Mt. Airy, WPCC [BB] [USB]
  • The Oak Lane Presbyterian Church, WPCC [BB] [USB]
  • Oak Park United Presby, MSP <#2415> [RP] [BB]


  • Oxford Church, <597> [BB] [USB]
  • View of Main Assembly Room Park Avenue M.E. Church,[RB]


  • [Rehoboth][sketch],
  • 19th Anniversary Phila Pa June 14th 1914 St. Ambrose P.E. Church founded 1895 [inset portrait of William Simpson and interior and exterior of church], [RP]


  • St. Anthony, DPCC <536> [USB]
  • [unknown church interior], Copyright 1912 E. Belinfante
  • "St. Clements" Episcopal Church, Copyrifght 1909 by Ernest Belinfante [USB]


  • St. Gregory's Ropman Catholic Church, West Phila., SPCC [BB] [USB]
  • St. James the Less, Falls of Schuylkill, CNC No. 3658 [BB] [USB]
  • The St. James, RPC [cyanotype] [USB]


  • St. John's R.C. Church Manayunk, WPCC [BB] [USB]
  • Old Saint Joseph's Church, DEX/STA 97090 [TOB]
  • St. Laurentius R.C. Church Memphis & Vienna Sts, WPCC [BB] [USB]


  • St. Mary's P.E. Church 38th & Locust Sts Easter Greetings Altar, in Memory of Mrs. Isabella Macomb Wetherill WPCC [BB] [USB]
  • St. Michael's Ev. Luth. Church, [UB] [USB]
  • Salem Lutheran Church [RP] [USB]


  • Schaeffer Ashmead Memorial Church Lutheran Theological Seminary, Mt. Airy, [RB] [USB]
  • Interior St. James Episcopal Church 52 & Master Sts, WPCC [UB]
  • Sunday's Tabernacle [Portrait of Billy Sunday inset],Copyright E.E.R. [EB] [RP]


  • Tioga Baptist Church, Rev. Rfutger Dox Pastor compliments of the Messenger [inset portrait], [UB] [USB]
  • H.C. Lincoln Who Organized and Trained the Great Torrey-Alexander Choir. [USB]
  • .Trinity Presbyterian Church Corner Cambria St. & Frankford Ave, ASP/EXCEL No. AA3054


  • Wayland Temple Baptist Church 25th and Columbia Ave., DEX [EB] [TOB]


  • Old Zion's Church, 4th & Cherry Sts 1766 to 1869, [TOB in German]
  • Zion German Presbyterian Church 28th and Cabot Sts. Rev. C.T. Albrecht Pastor [inset portrait], PTPCC [UB]
  • Preliminary Plans Zion Lutheran Church First Floor, [RP]
  • .First Floor Plan Zion Lutheran Church, [RP]


  • [unknown church, inset portrait], [RB/LB/BB] [USB]
  • [unknown church], NRCC [BB]
  • [unknown church, Ballinger and Perrot, Architects and Engineers],[UB] [USB]
  • Broadway ME.. <No. 515> [UB] [USB]


  • [unknown church exterior], [RB/LB]
  • [unknown church, altar], CC
  • [church with bell in front], [RP] [EB]

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