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Elks Convention 1907


  • Philadelphia 1907 [W. Penn with arms around elk, Liberty Bell], RC Copyright 1907 [David Von Der Smith]
  • City Hall Tower [elk in frame],Cpyright 1907 G.L. Thompson [EMB]
  • Welcome to Philadelphia[man blowing horn wikth elk, city hall tower BPOE, and 1907], UPCC
  • Elks at Philadelphia, July, 1907 [drawidng of elks head], ANCC


  • 21st Annual Reunion of the B.P.O.E. Philadelphia July 15 20, 1907 [W. Penn greets elk, Liberty Bell], [EMB]
  • 21st Annual Reunion of the B.P.O.E. Philadelphia July 15- 20, 1907 [elk head with clock], [EMB]
  • Convention 1907 Elk Time in Philadelphia [elk setting clock],
  • Strawbridge & Clothier-Philadelphia's foremost store as decorated for the Elks' Reunion, [EB] [USB]


  • BPOE Philadelphia 1907 [elk with ribbon around BPOE building, RC Copyright 1907 [David Von Der Smith]
  • BPOE Philadelphia 1907 [fireplace with elks head and grandfather clock], RC Copyrikght 1907
  • Here's to the Best People [W. Penn & elk touch glasses],[Jas. Brennan]
  • Elk that stayed home... [moveable tail], Copyright 1907 Geo. W. Hales Greetings from the Philadelphia Convention July 15-201907 [photo surrounded by purple frame], RSC [EMB]


  • ...Independence Hall
  • ...Carpenters Hall
  • ...City Hall
  • Horticultural Hall, Fairmount Park [elk on clock stamped in gold], <24A>


  • [Liberty Bell overlaid by BPOE and elk head], GLT [BB] [USB] Court of Honor. Elk's Convention Phila. July 1907, [EMB]
  • Purple
  • Orange


  • Compliments of Executive Committee Philadelphia Lodge No. 2 BPOE-Ladies' Reception Headquarters, [BB]
  • BPOE [Elk Head with Clock], Copyright 1907 Quirk Eng. Co. [EMB]
  • In the Midst of Light is Truth, Elks at Philadelphia, July, 1907, ANCC


  • Quien Sabe Club of El Paso, Texas, BPOE Convention, July 1907,
  • Illumination Court of Honor Elks' Convention [elks at both corners], 9 1907 William H. Rau [RP]
  • Illumination Court of Honor Elks' Convention [lit up City Hall at center], 8 Copyright 1907 William H.Rau [RP]
  • Court of Honor Elks' Convention, 1 Copyright 1907 William H. Rau [RP]


  • Court of Honor North on Broad Street, 4 Copyright 1907 William H. Rau [RP]
  • [Ornately Decorated Building and Street], [RP]
  • BPOE Philadelphia 1907 [2 Women with Parasol, Deer Head]
  • Dear... I have been up on the North American Roof to see Jumbo the big Elk..[EB] [USB]


  • The new Wanamaker Store, the Hospitalities of the largest House in the City for The Visiting Elks, Elks Mailing Card [USB]
  • 1907 Proclamation, Hello Bill! "We're here, because we're here...", GWH Copyright 1907
  • I am writing from Philadelphia's foremost Store Strawbridge & Clothier [5 sites and elk with BPOE],


  • Strawbridge & Clothier, Philadelphia's foremost store, corner Market and Eighth Sts, Reunion BPOE July 1907,WPCC [RB]

    Lit Brothers, Phila. most popular Department Store, Hello Bill, I'm at Lits, [RB/BB] [USB]

    Elk Head inside Border] Cervus Alces - Compliments of Samuel Moore, 46 N. Fourth Street, [USB]

    Strawbridge's at Night [Decorated with Lights, Elks, etc.],[RP]

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