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Fairmount Park- Boats, Dam & Waterworks


  • Boat Houses on Schuylkill and Fairmount Dam, HCLC 25421
  • Boat Houses, Schuylkill River, Fairmount Park, <A742>
  • Boat Houses, Fairmount Park, <2288>
  • Boat House, Fairmount Park,<163>


  • Water Works and Boat House Row, Fairmount Park, <23644> 23644 [TOB]
  • Water Works and Boat House Row, Fairmount Park, <23644>
  • Old Water Works at Fairmount Dam and Canal, <2275>
  • Old Fairmount Water Works, LVC <214523>


  • Waterworks, <A743>
  • Fairmount Water Works, WPCC
  • Old Water Works at Fairmount Dam and Canal, SPCC <2275>
  • Regatta, Fairmount Park, MNC No. 8913


  • Moonlight on the Schuylkill at Boat Houses, SPCC <2377>
  • Fairmount Dam Schuylkill River from the Water Works, <2367>


  • Fairmount Waterworks-Fairmount Park, RTS "Philadelphia" No. 5104 [BB] [USB]
  • Steamboat Landing, Fairmount Park, PAPCC <620> [BB]
  • Fairmount Water Works, PAPCC <621> 621 [BB]
  • Dam and Boat Houses, PPCC <No. 922> [BB]


  • Schuylkill River and Boat Houses, Fairmount Park, ROC <193A> [BB]
  • Boat House Row, Schuylkill Navy, Fairmount Park, TAC <2> Copyright 1907 [BB]
  • Boat Houses, Fairmount park, PPCC 941 [BB] [USB]
  • Boat Houses along East River Drive, Fairmount Park, LC 92219 [BB] [USB]


  • Fairmount Water Works, TAC <1> Copyright 1907 [BB]
  • Birds Eye View, Fairmount Park, A&S [RB]
  • Fairmount Water Works [compliments of Samuel H. French & Co.(8)], APP [BB] [USB]
  • Fairmount Waterworks, IPCC P-28 [BB] [USB]


  • Fairmount Water Works, Fairmount Park, 564 [EB]


  • Boat Houses, along East River Drive, CNC <No. 058> [BB] [USB]

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