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Founders Week- Miscellaneous

225th Anniversary Founders Week, RSC ["WH" in circle] [EMB]


  • ...They parted many years ago...
  • ...The town is filled with people...
  • ...Thomas left Alice years ago...
  • ...Don't you remember Me? I'm Reuben Brown...


  • Founders' Week [gold seal of week and blue and yellow ribbon], HSJ [USB]
  • Founders' Week [orange seal of week and blue and yellow ribbon], HSJ [USB]


  • 225th Anniversary Founders' Week Philadelphia, Oct. 4 to 10, 1908 [Indian and settler sitting on city seal], RSC [EMB]
  • 225th Anniversary of the founding of Philadelphia October 4-10, 1908[text in frame, W. Penn to left, liberty bell and tree in circles at top corners], [EMB]
  • Souvenir Founders Week [black]...[Independence Hall in frame]


  • Souvenir Founders' Week [white]...[Wm. Penn Statue in frame]


  • 225th Anniversary Founders' Week Philadelphia Oct. 4 to10 1908 [Penn statue and city with rising sun], RSC[EMB] [UB]
  • In memory of the 225th Anniversary of the founding of Philadelphia [William Penn on seal in gold surrounded by Liberty Bell, City seal and eagle with unfurled wings], [EMB]
  • Our motto past present and future ["welcome" imposed over City Hall tower at right and rear of sailing vessel at left], RSC [EMB] [EB]
  • <Marshal Cap, Alfred Reynold of the Cruiser Montana...>, TAC Copyright 1908 [TOB]
  • <Arrival of Penn...>, TAC Copyright 1908 [TOB]


  • 225th Anniversary of the Founding of Philadelphia [B&W sketch surrounded by blue and yellow ribbon with 3 red seals on left and right] [sketch with inset sketches of Wm. Penn and treaty elm], [EMB] Copyright 1908 Fred Rownsbury
  • ...Fairman's Mansion and Treaty Elm
  • ...The Good Ship "Welcome"[Flowers surrounding framed photograph], RSC [EMB]


  • ...Broad Street
  • ...Christ Church
  • ...The Betsy Ross House
  • ...City Hall 225th Anniversary Founders Week Philadelphia, Oct. 4 to 10 1908 [B&W photo with gold border surrounded by blue and yellow border and City seal], RSC [EMB]


  • ...Betsy Ross House
  • ...Elevated Railroad
  • ...Girard College
  • ...Broad Street


  • ...Bellevue-Stratford Hotel
  • ...University of Pennsylvania
  • ...Christ Church
  • ..United States Mint


  • ...Independence Hall
  • ...New Bridge over the Wisahickon
  • ...Liberty Bell
  • ...Girard Trust Company Greetings from Philadelphia [B&W photo with gold border surrounded by blue and yellow border with city seal inset], RSC [EMB]


  • ...Bellevue Stratford Hotel
  • ..Liberty Bell
  • ...Christ Church
  • ...Interior of Station, 69th and Market Sts. [paintings, Founders Week seal on reverse], IPCC/PS Copyright 1908


  • ...Centre Square in 1800, Present Site of City Hall, <254-6>
  • ...High Street in 1799 at present Market St., <254-1>
  • ...Old State House in 1735, <254-8>
  • ...Old Walnut Street Prison in 1774, <254-4>

95A12 ..

  • ...On this Site, originally tood the Dwelling in which Thomas Jefferson, <254-4>
  • ...Penn Treaty Monument, <254-2>
  • ...Portrait and Signature of Wm. Penn, <254-7>
  • ...South Side of Chestnut Str. bet. 7th & 8th Sts in 1765, <254-3>


  • ...S.W. Corner 7th & Market Streets in 1776, <254-5>
  • ...The Treaty, Elm on the Delaware River, <254-9>
  • ...William Penn's Treaty with the Indians, <254-10> <225th Anniversary Founders Week Official Edition> [Paintings by J.L.G. Ferris], TAC copyright 1907 [EB]


  • ...Ye departure of ye Mayflower
  • ...John Alden & Prifilla <225th Anniversary Founders Week Official Edition> From Painting by J.L.G. Ferris, TAC [TOB]


  • ...1700. Wm. Penn, Laetitia and Hannah Callow Hill Penn...
  • ...1777. Washington, Martha Washington and Lafayette at the Trenches...
  • ...1800. Bringing Home the Bride...
  • ...1812. Old Pine Street Market House at Second..[Paintings], TAC Copyright 1908 [TOB]


  • ...<River Front in 1683>
  • ...<Centre Square Water Works>
  • ...<Illumination of City Hall...>
  • ...<Penny Pot Inn>


  • ...<Christ Church in 1799>


  • <The Great Town House>, TAC Copyright 1908
  • Philadelphia Maneto Greeting [Picture of William Penn and Rising Sun on City Hall], [RP]


  • Philadelphia Maneto Greeting [night scene of illuminated

    picture of William Penn and rising sun on City Hall],

    [RP] [RB]

  • <Good Will Hose Co...> [parade], TAC <Founders Week Official Post Card Sketch>, RSC [manila color]


  • ...Alms house in Spruce Street
  • ...Arch Street Ferry
  • ...Bank of Pennsylvania, South Second Street
  • ...Bank of Pennsylvania, South Second Street[differing image]


  • ...The City and Port of Philadelphia, on the River Delaware from Kensington
  • ...Goal, in Walnut Street
  • ...High Street Market
  • ...High Street with the First Presbyterian Church


  • ...The House intended for the President of the United States
  • ...New market in south Second Street
  • ...The new Theatre in Chestnut Street
  • ...Pennsylvania Hospital in Pine Street


  • ...Schuylkill Bridge High Street
  • ...Second Street north from Market St wth [sic] Christ Church
  • ...State House Garden
  • ...An unfinished House in Chestnut Street



  • ...View in Third Street, from Spruce Street


  • The Airship [Inquirer Airship]. Its Builder and Operator [Lincoln Beachey]. Founders Week. Philadelphia, 1908.[UB]

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