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Hotels & Restaurants- Walton


  • Hotel Walton, <105>
  • Hotel Walton, ROC 1610 [TOB]
  • Hotel Walton, <2297?>
  • <Palm Room Hotel Walton>, CC 3207 [TOB]


  • Hotel Walton, Broad and Locust Streets, PAPCC <No. 13> [BB] [USB]
  • Hotel Walton, PPCC-2 <919> [BB] [USB]
  • Hotel Walton, Broad and Locust Sts., PAPCC <No. 409>[RB]
  • Hotel Walton, PAPCC <No. 17> [BB] [USB]


  • Hotel Walton, HEHC [UB] [TOB]


  • Hotel Walton, RC G4347 Copyright 1908 [BB]
  • Hotel Walton, <No. 268> [BB] [USB]
  • Hotel Walton, APCC <218> [BB] [USB]
  • Dining Room Hotel Walton, RC G4310 Copyright 1908


  • Hotel Walton Foyer, ALB William H. Rau, Photographer [BB]
  • Foyer--Hotel Walton [text of Eastern Commercial Traders Association on back], [UB] [TOF]
  • Foyer-Hotel Walton, APCC [UB] [USB]
  • Palm Room-Hotel Walton, <219> [RB/BB] [USB]


  • Hotel Walton-Main Dining-Room, <289> [UB]
  • Hotel Walton, Absolutely Fireproof, ECKC M1703 [EB]

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