The Brightbill Postcard Collection at the Library Company of Philadelphia
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  • The Schuylkill Canal, at Flat Rock, <2252> 2252 [TOB]
  • Light House on Schuylkill River, Girard Ave. and P.R.R. Bridges in Distance, <2278>
  • Old Fort Mifflin, SPCC <2383>
  • <River Front in 1683...>, TAC/SPA Copyright 1908 [TOB]


  • [Unloading Barge on Dock],
  • China Town by Moonlight, MLM <1431>
  • Birds Eye View of Manayunk, WPCC
  • View of Schuylkill River, Phila., Pa., from an Airship,


  • The Penn Treaty Monument, <No. 40> [BB] [USB] [TOF]
  • Penn Treaty Monument, DPC <11114> [EB]
  • Philadelphia Airport-Ludington Phila. Flying Service, Inc., CTC 3108-29 [EB]
  • Schuylkill River Front, PS <134> <5136> [EB]


  • Oil Works at Point Breeze, <208>
  • Schuylkill River Front, CTC A26398


  • Quaker Maiden [Painting], PCBF IPCN [EB] [USB]
  • John Fitch's Steamboat at Philadelphia [1607 Hudson Fulton 1807], CHURCH [EB] [TOB]
  • Schuylkill River Front, by Night, PS <5850>
  • Erinnerung an das 28te Bundesturnfest in Philadelphia...20-23 Juni 1900, BMP [UB] [PMC] [USB]


  • The Mouth of the Schyulkill River, RSC/UNC [GB] [TOF]
  • Dear Old Philadelphia [Poem] Copyrighted by Gertrude Mossell, SPA


  • View of Lake West End, White City, RJH 58745
  • East End Promenade at White City, AMG/PPCC-3 No. 3513 158586
  • "A Children's Day," Chestnut Hill Park, AMG No. 17
  • General View of White City, looking East, AMG/PPCC-3 No. 3514 158587


  • Trolley Entrance to White City, AMG/PPCC-3 No. 3512


  • Decoration Day at the Philadelphia Horse Show,
  • Kenderton Park 20th & Ontario Sts., <NP659> [RP]
  • <Old Watch Box>, [USB]


  • <USO-Labor Plaza>,
  • Holmesburg, Pa.-On the Pennypack, WPCC [USB]
  • [Military Encampment-Murrows Hill, 54th and Jefferson], [RP]
  • .[House and Barn along Creek, possibly 2317 E. Harold], [RP]


  • Queen Lane Pumping Station, WPCC [BB] [USB]
  • The Treaty Elm on the Delaware River, [BB]
  • On the Delaware, WPCC <340> [BB] [USB]


  • Historic Views-Second St. N. from Market, [LB]
  • .Delaware River, APC <261> [UB] [USB]
  • [Unidentified View], [RP] [USB]
  • Trotting Races Historic Point Breeze Race Track, [UB] [USB] Steamer John Cadwalader, Baltimore & Philadelphia Steamboat Co. (Ericsson Line), I&MO


  • ...Picture shows a Group of Members of the Philadelphia City Business Club...


  • ...This Scene from the Gallery Deck...
  • ...The Palm Room...
  • Till forman for Fredrika Bremmer-Rummel Philadelphia 1938,
  • Bird's Eye View of Manayunk, WPCC [BB] [USB]


  • Touring Car [All Around Philadelphia Auto Co.], WPCC [BB] [USB]


  • New Pipe Organ--State St. M.E. Church erected by Estey Co., 17th & Walnut St., Phila., Sept. 1911, [EB]
  • [Brazilian Duck Farm], [RP] [RB/LB]
  • Holmesburg, Pa.-The Old Mill, WPCC [UB]
  • Race Street Recreation Pier [Reprint of WPCC Card], NPI Copyright 1975 [UB] [USB]


  • Penn Treaty Stone [with 2 Portraits], <348> [UB] [USB[]
  • <The Hermann Kotzchmar Memorial Organ... Presented to the City of Portland by Cyrus H.K. Curtis>,
  • Harper's Mill, Fox Chase, WPCC [BB]
  • F. Hartman's Band, [EB]


  • Pennypack Creek, near Frankford Arsenal, [BB] [USB]
  • Entrance to Mt. Vernon Cemetery, WPCC <638> [BB/RB] [USB]
  • Pres. McKinley passing through Fairmount Park, WPCC [BB] [USB]


  • Having an Outing at White City, [BB/RB] [USB]


  • Band Stand on Island, White City, RJH 58746
  • Having an Outing at White City, [EB] [USB]
  • Canal Near the pumping station, WPCC [LB] [USB]
  • Holmesburg, PA: Along the Pennypack, WPCC [BB]


  • Entrance to Frankford Arsenal, Bridesburg, WPCC [BB]
  • [Street in Manayunk at night with Banners and Manayunk National Bank, Kehoe, and Bowker's Buildings Lit up with Lights], [RP]
  • "A Fairy Fountain" Wister Park by Beatrice Fenton, [UB] [USB]
  • Entrance to Jewish Cemetery, WPCC [RB] [USB]


  • The Falls, 73 & Woodland Ave, WBC <#118> [RP]
  • Steamer "City of Philadelphia" One of the Wilson Line, [EB] [TOB]
  • [May 3, 1914, First Suffrage Parade in Philadelphia [RP]

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