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Organizations (By Name)


  • Costumes of Countries in Which Graduates are working, Baptist Institute for Christian Workers, TAC [BB] [TOB]


  • Mary J. Drexel Home and the Reservoir, HCLC No. 30054
  • Mary Drexel Home, College Ave. & 21st St, <2317>
  • Mary Drexel Home, ACBC <1447> [RB] [USB]
  • The Mary J. Drexel Home, WPCC [RB] [USB]


  • Mary J. Drexel Home, 2100 S. College Ave., ctc R-69997 [EB]


  • Wm. Elkins Masonic Orphanage for Girls, <2318>
  • Torresdale Boulevard and Elkins Memorial, IPCC 173-39
  • Emergency Aid of Pennsylvania The Second Made in America Bazaar..., [USB]


  • International Peace Rev. M.J. Divine Mrs. S.A. Divine better known as Father Divine Mother Divine, [TOB]
  • Home for Veteran and Wife G.A.R. 63rd and Callowhill Sts., HCLC No. 5500 No. 20074



  • Penna. Institution for the Blind, No. 604
  • Entrance Pennsylvania Institution for the Blind, LVC <214521>
  • Archway Detail, the Pennsylvania School for the Blind, Overbrook, Pa, 63624 [BB]


  • Happy Hollow Playground [Phila. Playgrounds Assoc'n], Opened April 29, 1911, [BB] [TOB]
  • .Seamen's Church Institute..., AAS <105111> [EB] [TOB]
  • Tel-Aviv Inc. Hotel and Convalescent Home for the Elderly and Retired [5 Interior and Exterior Views], ECKC 3753 [TOB]


  • Y.M.C.A. Arch Street, West of Broad Street, <23623>
  • Young Women's Christian Association, Eighteenth and Arch Streets, PCDC/CTC R-37564 [TOB]


  • Twelfth Annual Meeting of the Associated Harvard Clubs May 8th & 9th 1908, [UB] Baptist Institue, TAC [EB]
  • ...Sallade Memorial Hall
  • ...Entrance Hall
  • ...The Offices


  • Learning Camping Skills at a Philadelphia Council Boy Scout Camp, APCC
  • [Boy Scout Headquarters. 22nd & Winter], [RP]


  • Greetings from the David Keisers... Camp Lenape...,[UB] [USB]
  • Left to right... Blue Sky...Camp Lenape, APCC [green] [UB]
  • Canstatter Volks-Fest 1910, [TB] [USB] Charlotte Cushman Club, QPS [EB]


  • ...George Arliss Fireplace-Reception Room
  • ...Lillian Russell Room


  • The Mary J. Drexel Home, RC D278 [USB]
  • Mary J. Drexel Home, [sepia]
  • Mary J. Drexel Home, RC 61366 [sepia]
  • The Mary J. Drexel Home, RC 55032


  • The Mary J. Drexel Home, RC 55031
  • The Mary J. Drexel Home, <393> [RB] [USB]
  • The Mary J. Drexel Home, RC <A278> [BB] [USB]
  • The Mary J. Drexel Home, RC No. 278 [TB/BB] [USB]


  • Entrance to Mary J. Drexel Home [2 Images], RC 55294 [BB]
  • The Mary Drexel home, JMJ [UB] [USB]


  • The Evangelical Home for the Aged of the Evangelical Church..., [UB]


  • Philadelphia Fellowship Commission Building..., [RP] [UB]
  • Fellowship Library..., [RP] [UB]
  • Fellowship Auditorium..., [RP] [UB]


  • Wards of the Home Missionary Society..., [UB] [USB]
  • House of Refuge (Girls), 22 & Girard, MSP <7014> [RP]


  • [International Institute-Costumed Individuals], [RP] [EB]
  • He is Risen, the Italian Mission Study Class, [UB] [TOB]


  • M.E. Home for the Aged..., [RB] [USB]
  • Chapel of the M.E. Home for the Aged..., [RB] [USB]
  • M.E. Orphanage, MSP <#8098> [RP]


  • Help Clothe the Needy join the Needlework Guild of America..., <7-37-90M> [TOB]
  • [George Nugent Home for Aged Baptist Ministers], [RP] [EB]


  • Centennial Celebration Pennsylvania Odd Fellowship 1821 1921 First Lodge of Odd Fellows...Uptons Hotel...,[UB] [TOB]
  • Home for Orphans of Odd Fellows of Pennsylvania, SPS [RP] [EB]
  • Odd Fellows Temple, WPCC [BB] [USB]


  • P.O.S. of A. August 1907 [Washington on Horse], [UB]
  • [POSA, Philadelphia Commandery No. 4, Group Portrait] Photo by Ludecke, 1911 [RP]
  • Rev. C.H. Woolston and the Baby Lion, PCA Penny Concert Post Card No. 2 [UB]


  • Greetings from the School for the Blind, Overbrook, PA., Main Entrance, APCC <209> [UB] [USB]


  • Wissinoming Hall, Penna. Institution for the Deaf and Dumb, Mt. Airy, Pa., WPCC [BB] [USB]
  • Cresheim Hall, Penna. Institution for Deaf & Dumb, Mt. Airy, WPCC [BB] [USB]Philadelphia Home for Incurables, ALB [sepia]
  • ...The Circle
  • ...Belmont and Conshohocken Avenues [exterior]


  • ...Founders Hall
  • May Pole, "Playing counts for Morals;..." The Playgrounds Association of Philadelphia, [UB]


  • The Presbyterian Home for Widows and Single Women 58th and Greenway Avenue, DEX <17862> [EB]
  • The Presser Home for Retired Music Teachers, Copyright 1938 by Theodore Presser Co. [EB] [TOB]
  • .Old St. Paul's Church No. 225 South Third Street Central Office Philadelphia P.E. City Mission, [UB] [TOB]
  • The Reapers' Fellowship,


  • Our Lady's Shrine, St. Johns Orphans Asylum. West Phila., [RP] [EB]
  • St. Johns Orphans Asylum 49th A. Wyalusing Ave W. Phila., [RP] [EB]


  • St. Martha's House, [UB] [USB]
  • <Reading Room Saint Michael's Mission Center Torresdale>, APCC [sepia]
  • The Settlement Music School, 416 Queen Street, [RP]
  • [Settlement Music School Party, in fFront is Policeman in Basket Hat], [RP]


  • <Camp Daddy Allen-Hickory Run, PA. Metropolitan Philadelphia Society for Crippled Children, [TOB]


  • Get Right with God Torrey Alexander Mission,[UB] [USB]
  • Pony Riding. Camp Emlen...Conducted by Wissahickon BoysClub, Germantown, APCC


  • The Whittier-15th and Cherry Sts...Philadelphia YoungFriends Association..., [EB] [TOB]
  • Young Friends Association Building, [UB] [USB]


  • Central YMCA 1421 Arch street, [EB] [TOB]


  • Central Branch Y.W.C.A. 1800 Arch Street, [RP] [BB]
  • Women's Christian Association, WPCC [BB] [USB]
  • Young Women's Christian Association Building Corner 18th and Arch Sts., [UB]


  • Unidentified Orphanage], [RP]
  • Our Big Girls, [UB]
  • Students' Chapter, N.E. Cor. Park and Susquehanna Aves., WPCC [RB]

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